Project Management

The Brazos team prides itself on effectively managing every project, large or small, while maintaining open lines of communication with clients. Leacia, Wayne, and personnel in the field coordinate subcontractors and suppliers and manage the heck out of every project they do! Team members are personable and approachable and quickly establish rapport with business clients. Clients do business with Brazos because they know they will be treated ethically, honestly and fairly.

Maintaining Relationships

Brazos continually establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with key companies in the construction industry, including other contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and vendors. The Brazos team has an active network of construction industry professional and personal contacts that spans far, wide and deep. This only strengthens Brazos’ presence in the Colorado business community and the commercial construction market. Brazos stays up-to-date in its market and comprehends what it takes to be competitive and successful in our industry. We communicate with key personnel from larger general contractors to discuss subcontracting opportunities. Brazos’ regular involvement as a subcontractor helps these firms meet their subcontracting goals for federal and state projects.

Value Engineering

Brazos is strategic in its approach to value engineering. Wayne leads the company’s value engineering efforts by analyzing designed building features, systems, equipment, and material selections and regularly proposes changes that cut costs while maintaining or enhancing the quality, value, and functional performance of the job. Value, quality, and life expectancy are key components we use to determine which recommendations will best meet the needs of our clients.

When presenting value engineering options to a client, the Brazos team categorizes each option according to our key considerations during value engineering:

Cost Reduction – A less expensive alternative to a product or method

Value Added – A higher quality product that may or may not carry a higher price that brings added value to the project

Life-Cycle Analysis – An option that strikes a balance between initial construction costs and long-term operational costs

Maintainability – A product that results in long-term savings for the owner through reduced maintenance costs.

Quality Control

Brazos practices a “no punch list” policy. The company, along with its subcontractors, exercises quality control throughout the duration of a project and addresses potential punch list items when they are identified as the project progresses.


A safe working environment is the most important goal for Brazos. We place the safety and well-being of our employees and subcontractors as our utmost responsibility.

Brazos conducts specialized ongoing Safety Training for our employees. Topics included in the training are:

  • OSHA 10 hour courses
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Fall Protection
  • Forklift, Self-Propelled and Boom Support Safety
  • Ladder Safety
  • Tool Safety
  • Drug Testing
  • other specific training (as the job requires)

Our project managers and superintendents also audit our jobs on a regular basis to verify compliance with not only required standards such as OSHA and the Corps of Engineers.

Our commitment to safety has benefited us in many ways. Some of our achievements include:

  • Current Experience Modification Rating (EMR) well below 1.0
  • 100% accident-free projects

Industry Presence

Brazos’ owners maintain unwavering reputations in the local business community and in the commercial construction industry. They actively maintain open lines of communication with industry representatives, including project owners, subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, engineers, architects, competitors, developers and investors, to remain aware of current and future competitively bid and negotiated project opportunities. In addition, Brazos is involved in a number of professional and industry organizations, allowing Brazos the ongoing opportunity to network and share its experience and services.

Brazos attends marketing events, such as the annual Small Business Outreach Conference hosted by the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, the annual GC Showcase in Denver hosted by The Blue Book, monthly industry days organized by the Colorado Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) that feature representatives from the local military institutions, and certain industry trade shows. You can visit the Brazos listing in The Blue Book for more information (


Brazos Builders’ primary NAICS Code is 236220, Commercial & Institutional Building Construction.

We also operate under the following secondary NAICS codes:

  • 236210 – Industrial Building Construction
  • 237110 – Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction
  • 237130 – Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction
  • 237310 – Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
  • 237990 – Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
  • 238110 – Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors
  • 238120 – Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors
  • 238130 – Framing Contractors
  • 238140 – Masonry Contractors
  • 238150 – Glass and Glazing Contractors
  • 238160 – Roofing Contractors
  • 238170 – Siding Contractors
  • 238190 – Other Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors
  • 238210 – Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
  • 238220 – Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
  • 238290 – Other Building Equipment Contractors
  • 238310 – Drywall and Insulation Contractors
  • 238320 – Painting and Wall Covering Contractors
  • 238330 – Flooring Contractors
  • 238340 – Tile and Terrazzo Contractors
  • 238350 – Finish Carpentry Contractors
  • 238390 – Other Building Finishing Contractors
  • 238910 – Site Preparation Contractors
  • 238990 – All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
  • 321992 – Prefabricated Wood Building Manufacturing
  • 332311 – Prefabricated Metal Building and Component Manufacturing